The battle between investment activity in the internet and real world became enough tangible. I decided to broaden the subject and tell the beginners (making professionals thinking) about the differences and vice versa similarities between investment activity in the Internet and real world.

Simplicity. Effectiveness. Security. Perspective. Opportunities. That`s how we can outline the circle of the points, where the difference between two various investment worlds lies. In fact, investor, willing to deposit money, meets much more questions of the individual character.

However, if there`s a difference in some general question, there can`t be any consent in particular ones… so, let`s think, is it worth doing e-business, maybe it`s better to go back to the real life?

The first thing, attracting every investor, willing to make e-money – is simplicity. On any count, the easiest way to buy, sell something etc., not going out of the house is via Internet. To be exact, Internet in particular gives such an opportunity (well, phone as well). So, there is simplicity. Here is Your money on the monitor – do anything You want.

Of course, You can grow fat, but… these are personal problems. The same with investments. If You used Your money right, You can multiple them, not going out of the house as well. Here is the question: is the tale real? And we are ready to answer with confidence: yes, it`s real! But there is just one snag to it. You will have to pay for the simplicity of using the funds and getting income in risk.

Risk – that`s the thing, scaring away many “loafers” and risk in particular is disadvantage of any Internet activity. Whatever You start to do, You can get into trouble. Unfortunately. Otherwise, why would we need to do anything, going out of the house?

We can suppose that lack of security is that very “damper”, keeping the market from epidemic “attack” of anyone who feels like it. Besides, the market itself is ambiguous in a way. There are very profitable and not very profitable investment tools. Not very profitable – opening bank deposit via the portal of this bank. And very profitable – HYIP. And there`s a risk here. You can find many HYIP on

It appears because it`s impossible to earn such interests without risking everything. You risk everything to get everything. That`s why HYIP often shoots blank, then smb. looses money. Yes, of course, there are HYIPs in the real world as well, but they need technologies much more complex, and that`s the reason why Internet is the most suitable and fruitful sphere for “risky investment” development.

That`s why in particular, major part of our articles is about how to secure oneself technically and how to become more experienced, communicating with investors themselves. 🙂

Though, it`s not all, of course. You can use Your funds at Your own discretion, without giving them to anybodies` hands. In the real life, giving money to anybodies` hands, You may earn about 20% per year, though You won`t be so nervous.

There`s a gradation in the real life from 10% to 20% hence – the risk is increasing. More risk – is criminally. In the life of e-investor there are two gradations. Either there`s much risk and money, or own work. Although, we don`t dispute about the fact that there are also low-yield investment programs. However, what`s the sense, if one can go to the bank twice a year to obtain the notorious security.

Let`s talk about using the funds with one’s own hand. Any possible means, available in the real world, are open for You in the Internet. There are some differences. First, anyone can use them. Second – anywhere, anytime, in any way. So that to exchange USD for e-gold

You need nothing more than an e-gold account. These are also direct investments. Gold is increasing – the funds are increasing as well. And we are not even speaking about FOREX market and buying securities. There`s nothing easier. Excluding some moments – see above. 🙂

Now, let`s talk about perspectives and opportunities. First of all, You don`t have to be a prophet to say that Internet is future and working with investments on-line – is just a future lessons teaching. Moreover, now there are much more opportunities on-line that in the real life.

Roughly speaking, even a child can go in for investment activity, in case of having enough willing and knowledge. Now we need only to eliminate the defects, we were talking about and such form of earnings will not just compete, it will be more attractive than investment in the real world! Well then, we are waiting.

On the whole, summing up, we can say the following. If You want a stable, reliable income, You can put Your money to a bank. If You want more income – give it to people, knowing about the trades on securities` market and things like that. If not – Internet is for You.

Besides, it gives convenience to handle the funds. If You are overbold – You can work on the exchange. However, Internet and nothing more is convenient here. There`s no need to go to an exchange, everything is reliable and easy enough. And, it`s even more convenient to buy or to sell something on-line.

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