Accounts receivables advances for e-commerce businesses.

A Payoneer Capital Advance is fast funding geared toward marketplace sellers struggling with uneven cash flow. While more expensive than a traditional business loan, it might not be as difficult to qualify for.


Min. Amount


Max. Amount


Product Name Payoneer Capital Advance
Min. Amount $100
Max. Amount $500,000
Loan Term Up to 1 month
Requirements At least 6 months of history on the marketplace you use, in good standing on Seller Central with your marketplace

\Application Criteria

  • At least six months of history on the marketplace you use
  • In good standing on Seller Central with your marketplace

First, do I qualify?

To qualify for a Payoneer Capital Advance, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • At least six months of history on the marketplace you use
  • In good standing on Seller Central with your marketplace

This is the minimum criteria businesses must meet to qualify — Payoneer considers other factors as well when you apply.

What makes a Payoneer Capital Advance unique?

A Payoneer Capital Advance is one of a handful of financing products designed specifically for online businesses — though it’s looking to expand to other types of businesses soon. Unlike other types of accounts receivable financing, it involves relatively few documents and takes just a few clicks to apply.

It could be particularly useful if your business regularly struggles with cashflow, since taking out another cash advance is simple. Borrowers are automatically preapproved for additional offers, which you can accept or reject as you need. And you don’t have to accept the full offer each time, ensuring you never borrow more than your business needs.

How does Payoneer Capital Advance work?

A Payoneer Capital Advance is a type of accounts receivables financing for e-commerce businesses struggling with cashflow. It involves selling between $100 and $500,000 of your future accounts receivables to Payoneer, which you repay plus a fee of 1.25% to 2% per 30 days it takes to pay back.

Once approved, you get your funds immediately. Payoneer automatically deducts your repayment from your account when it’s due. If you don’t have the funds, Payoneer continues to deduct payments from your accounts receivables until you’ve fully paid off the advance.

What are the benefits of a Payoneer Capital Advance?

From its fast funding to its low advance amounts, here are a few perks of taking out a Payoneer Capital Advance:

  • Immediate funding. Payoneer instantly deposits the funds into your account as soon as you’re approved.
  • Easy to reborrow. You don’t have to go through the application process again if you want to take out another Payoneer Capital Advance.
  • Friendly to new businesses. Your business only needs to be around for six months to meet the minimum age requirement.
  • Advances as low as $100. There’s little risk of overborrowing when you just need a little extra help to keep up with demand.

What to watch out for

Consider these potential drawbacks before taking out an advance with Payoneer:

  • More expensive than a traditional loan. Accounts receivables financing is generally more costly than a business term loan or line of credit — and Payoneer is no exception.
  • Tied to store’s performance. How much you can borrow is directly tied to your business’s sales, so you might not qualify for the maximum amount if you hit a seasonal lull.
  • Only for e-commerce businesses. Other types of businesses looking for accounts receivables financing should consider other options — for now at least.

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