Find a lender or business credit card — but be prepared for marketing materials.

  • Best for businesses that have struggled to qualify for funding in the past.
  • Pick something else if you don’t want to get bombarded with marketing calls and emails.


Product Name Nav business loan marketplace
APR Varies by lender

Application Criteria

  • Business name
  • Business address, if applicable
  • Personal address
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth

How much will using Nav cost?

Nav doesn’t charge to connect you with a lender, but it has other tiers you can pay for to unlock different degrees of credit reporting for you and your business. You can have your account billed monthly or quarterly — though opting for quarterly can save you up to 20%. Each tier comes with all of the features of the tier below it, along with additional perks.

Tier Cost Key features
  • Access to the business finance marketplace
  • Business and personal credit alerts
  • Lending specialists
  • Personal credit report summary from Experian
  • Cashflow tracking and alerts
Business Manager
$29.99 per month
  • Business credit report for up to five businesses from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax
  • Lost wallet replacement — cancel all lost cards and replace missing documents with one call
  • Full personal credit report from Experian and TransUnion
  • $1 million identity theft protection
  • Business credit report dispute service
Business Boost
$39.99 per month
  • Tradeline reporting to build business credit
$49.99 per month
  • FICO Small Business Scoring Service (SBSS) score

How it works

Nav offers a free connection service so you can easily compare loan and credit card options tailored to your business. When you create an account, you can use its marketplace feature to find lenders willing to work with your business. Because its network is made up of a wide range of lenders, you may be able to find business financing even if you’re running a relatively new startup or have bad personal credit.

It rates your business using a program called MatchFactor, and claims that businesses are four times more likely to be approved when using its connection service. If your business has struggled to qualify for financing in the past, its free service can help you see if you’re eligible for funding through one of its partners.

What do I need to qualify?

There are no eligibility requirements to use Nav’s service. However, the lenders in its network may have their own criteria you need to meet, like minimum revenue or time-in-business requirements.

What information do I need to create an account?

To create an account with Nav, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Business name
  • Business address, if applicable
  • Personal address
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth

Nav may require additional information depending on the tier you sign up for and how you choose to use its other business-building services.

What industries does Nav work with?

Nav doesn’t explicitly state what industries it works with, but the lender you’re connected with may have restrictions. Before you complete a full application, reach out to the lender to confirm your industry is eligible.

Pros and cons


  • Personal and business credit reports
  • Large program with 100+ lenders
  • Multiple business loan and credit card options


  • Full credit reports require paid membership
  • May receive multiple marketing calls and emails from its partners

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