Compare multiple business financing offers through one form to find the best one for your needs.

LendingTree is a loan connection service that partners with a wide variety of business lenders to get you financing to fit almost any need. Read further to learn about the options LendingTree has to offer and how to work with them.


Product Name LendingTree Business Loans
Loan Term Varies by lender and type of financing
Min. Credit Score 670
APR Varies
Requirements Varies by lender, but many require good personal credit, minimum annual revenue and minimum time in business

Application Criteria

  • Be a US citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Be in business before pursuing a loan, though the period of time required varies by loan type and lender.
  • Provide your business’s financial history.
  • Provide collateral for certain secured business loans.

What makes LendingTree business loans unique?

LendingTree is a connection service, which means it doesn’t actually lend you money. Instead, it provides you with a selection of small business loans you’re likely to qualify for.

With LendingTree, you enter your personal information along with details about your small business. LendingTree gives this information as a referral to lenders, who then contact you with loan offers. Basically, LendingTree connects you with lenders that compete to lend you money.

What are Lendingtree business loans?

LendingTree connects you with lenders who offer different types of business loans. The specifics of your loan will vary based on your agreement with the specific lender, but you can use your funds to finance just about any business expense. Eight main types of financing LendingTree partner lenders offer include:

What are the benefits of LendingTree business loans?

  • No upfront fees. Let LendingTree fit your needs with lenders in its network for free.
  • A lot of options. LendingTree network could open up options you may not otherwise have considered.
  • Less focus on personal credit. Many business lenders focus on your business’ financial performance and outlook rather than your personal credit score.
  • One application. Complete one single online form to access multiple loan offers.

What to watch out for

LendingTree makes money by selling your information as “leads” to potential lenders, among other factors to keep in mind.

  • Potentially slow turnaround. Funding can take up to 75 days for SBA loans.
  • Many choices. This benefit can become a drawback, because not all options are good ones, especially if your business financial performance is lacking. You can compare business lenders outside of LendingTree to see a full picture of what you might be eligible for.
  • Residual offers. Even after you’ve chosen a lender, you may continue to get calls and email from other lenders vying for your business.

What do customers say about LendingTree?

Customers give mostly positive reviews of LendingTree online. It gets an A- from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), mostly because it failed to respond to one customer complaint — it has about 430 filed with the BBB. Half of its nearly 200 customer reviews are positive, 42% negative with the remaining falling somewhere in between.

LendingTree does significantly better on Trustpilot, scoring a 9.3 out of 10 based on over 5,500 reviews. Over 80% of reviewers said it was excellent, often using words like “quick” and “easy” to describe their experiences. The few negative reviews were mostly complaints about the number of phone calls customers received from lenders — standard for connection services — or technical problems with using their online accounts.

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