You’ll have to apply to get even the most basic information.

  • Best for former customers of Strategic Funding looking to take out another loan.
  • Pick something else if you want transparent rates and terms.


    Product Name Kapitus business loans
    Loan Term Not stated
    APR Not stated
    Requirements 6+ months in business, $100,000+ annual revenue

    Application Criteria

  • At least six months in business
  • At least $100,000 in annual revenue

First, do I qualify?

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for a business loan from Kapitus:

  • At least six months in business
  • At least $100,000 in annual revenue

What makes Kapitus business loans unique?

Kapitus doesn’t disclose much about its business loans. But beyond its standard term loans, it offers a wide range of different types of funding, from lines of credit to invoice factoring. It also has a special option for healthcare providers.


  • Friendly to new businesses
  • Financing beyond business loans
  • Funding specifically for healthcare providers
  • Fast turnaround


  • Limited information online
  • Hard to reach customer service
  • Will not disclose general ranges of loan amounts
  • Requires more documents than your typical online loan

Beware of unhelpful customer service representatives

Despite multiple attempts to reach out to Kapitus, I had a hard time getting basic information about its business loans. I’ve written close to 100 reviews of business lenders and typically struggle to get information — they often don’t like to disclose rates and terms without knowing your revenue and time in business.

When I tried calling its customer service line, they kept transferring me to different representatives. And when I was finally put in touch with someone claiming to be able to help me, they wouldn’t disclose even the most basic information about general ranges of loan amounts.

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