Apply for multiple types of financing with one application.

Kalamata Capital could be best for businesses that don’t know where to start to find financing or have trouble qualifying for a loan. It uses one application for multiple types of financing and accepts industries that many lenders consider high risk.
But its website isn’t transparent about the cost of its products, eligibility criteria or how long it takes to receive your funds.


Max. Amount


Product Name Kalamata Capital small business loans
Max. Amount $750,000
Loan Term 9 months to 5 years

First, do I qualify?

Kalamata Capital doesn’t disclose its eligibility criteria. The best way to find out if you qualify is by filling out its online application.

What makes Kalamata Capital business loans unique?

Kalamata Capital combines online lending with the personal touch you might find at a bank or credit union. It can guide you through the entire loan application process — including that first step when you decide what type of financing is right for you. Unlike many online lenders, it gives you the chance to talk to loan specialists to evaluate your options after you prequalify. You can find anything from low-interest SBA loans to high-cost factoring.


  • Apply for multiple types of financing at once
  • Short and long terms available
  • Construction, trucking and other high-risk industries eligible


  • Potential daily repayments
  • Not transparent about costs
  • Not available in all states, though doesn’t disclose which

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