Get some of your funds the same day you apply with this online lender.

  • Best for businesses looking for fast funding.
  • Pick something else if you need more than $100,000.


    Min. Amount


    Max. Amount


    Product Name Jet Capital Merchant Cash Advance
    Min. Amount $2,500
    Max. Amount $100,000
    Requirements 3+ months in business, $5,000+ revenue

    Application Criteria

  • At least three months in business
  • Monthly gross revenue of $5,000 or higher

First, do I qualify?

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for Jet Capital’s most basic program:

  • At least three months in business
  • Monthly gross revenue of $5,000 or higher

This will only get you an advance of up to $5,000, however. To qualify for larger amounts, you must have a monthly gross revenue of $10,000 and at least nine months in business. And if you want that $10,000 same-day advance, you must be in business for at least two years.

What makes the Jet Capital merchant cash advances unique?

Jet Capital can offer funding to your business even if it’s only been around for three months and makes a low monthly revenue. It also is one of a few merchant cash advance (MCA) providers that can get you funding the same day — though not your entire advance. And after you’ve established yourself as a loyal customer, you may be eligible for higher amounts at a lower cost in the future.


  • Partial same-day funding available
  • Works with startups
  • Larger amounts for repeat borrowers


  • Doesn’t disclose costs
  • Long list of documents required
  • Considers business and personal credit history, unlike some MCA providers
  • Longer time-in-business requirements for larger amounts

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