Crowdfunding can connect you with investors interested in funding your cannabis business.

Fundanna is among the first investment crowdfunding portals specifically serving the cannabis industry. But funding won’t come without giving up some equity in your business.


Min. Amount


Max. Amount


Product Name Fundanna Cannabis Business Equity Crowdfunding
Min. Amount $10,000
Max. Amount $1,070,000
Min. Credit Score 400
Requirements Must own a startup in the cannabis space. You’re not eligible if your company is outside of the US or already reports to the SEC.

Application Criteria

  • Must own a startup in the cannabis space in the US

What is Fundanna?

Fundanna is a brand of truCrowd, a Chicago-based crowdfunding portal that connects cannabis startups and small business owners with accredited and nonaccredited investors from around the world. Unlike other crowdsourcing platforms, Fundanna specializes in serving startup cannabis business.

Because federal laws list marijuana as a Schedule I drug, banks and other lenders are prohibited from providing funding to cannabis-based businesses. But recent changes at the SEC have allowed companies to secure up to $1 million per year from small investors.

By crowdfunding through Fundanna, cannabis businesses can specify a target amount to raise in exchange for equity. The amount you give away depends on the value of your company and the amount you want to raise.

What businesses does Fundanna fund?

Fundanna helps cannabis businesses of all types get the capital they need. Eligible businesses may provide medicinal marijuana or recreational marijuana in states where it is allowed.

Businesses that have sought crowdfunding through Fundanna include a mobile app that connects medical marijuana users to dispensaries and a healing hemp oil.

What are the benefits of Fundanna crowdfunding?

Fundanna offers cannabis-based businesses a way to get the money needed to start or expand without going through a traditional bank. It offers a powerful support team of marketing experts committed to your success.

  • Fund your business. Get capital by connecting with investors looking to get involved with cannabis-based businesses.
  • No risk. If your company doesn’t succeed, you aren’t required to pay back the investment.
  • Advertising support. Fundanna can connect your business with advertisers willing to promote your services.
  • Easy registration. Import a Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Twitter account to sign up quickly.

What to watch out for

Fundanna can get your business funded, but its services don’t come without risks.

  • You’ll give up equity. Fundanna’s funding requires selling equity or stock in your company. The more you accept, the bigger percentage you’ll pay out in the future as your business grows.
  • Unproven services. Though sparse online reviews are positive, Fundanna — founded in 2017 — has yet to have a business reach its goals.
  • High fees. Fundanna charges a nonrefundable listing fee of $3,500 and a success fee upon reaching your funding goals.

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