Get access to your retirement funds in just 10 days to finance your startup.

  • Best for entrepreneurs looking to rollover funds fast — it can take just 10 days with FranFund.
  • Pick something else if you want to find out what rates you prequalify for without a hard credit check.


    Product Name FranFund 401(k) Business Funding
    APR N/A
    Requirements $50,000+ in a rollable, pretax retirement account; structured as a C corporation that’s operational; owner of the retirement funds is an active employee

    First, do I qualify?

    To qualify for 401(k) financing with FranFund, you need to meet requirements that are typical of any ROBS plan.

    • At least $50,000 in a rollable, pre-tax retirement account — like an IRA, 401(k) or 403(b)
    • Structured as a C corporation that’s operational
    • Owner of the retirement funds is an active employee of the business

    What makes FranFund unique?

    What sets FranFund apart from the crowd is its SafetyNet Program, which moves your money to a new IRA earlier in the process — for free. While typical ROBS plans take 10 to 20 days to rollover your funds, FranFund can finish the process in just 10 days.

    You’re assigned a dedicated associate who works with you to make sure the administration of your plan goes smoothly and meets the guidelines of the IRS and Department of Labor (DOL) in case of an audit.

    It also helps you set up your company’s organizational documents, establish a C corporation, open your new retirement plan and more. And it offers special pricing for veterans.


    • Funds may be available within 10 days — faster than other lenders out there
    • Can help you use your newly rolled over funds to apply for an SBA loan
    • Guaranteed protection in case of an audit of the rollover
    • Discounted setup costs for veterans


    • Must have at least $50,000 in a qualifying retirement plan
    • Ongoing costs may not be a good fit for every business type
    • C corporation is required

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