One form could lead to multiple loan options — but you’ll have to apply to see details.

  • Best for business owners with poor personal credit scores.
  • Pick something else if you want a transparent application experience.


    Product Name Excel Capital Management Small Business Loans
    Loan Term Varies by loan type
    Min. Credit Score 300
    Requirements Business operates in the US, 1+ years in business, monthly revenue of $15,000+

    How much will this loan cost me?

    Rates start as low as 6.75%. But other details, like loan term and loan amount, aren’t clearly stated on Excel Capital Management’s website. Loan amounts are instead based off your business’s revenue — typically up to 150% of your gross monthly revenue, although depending on your business’s financial situation, it may be higher.

    Monthly repayments calculator

    Calculate how much you could expect to pay each month

    Your loan
    Loan amount
    Loan terms (in years)
    Interest rate

    Fill out the form and click on “Calculate” to see your estimated monthly payment.


    Compare business loans now

    How it works

    The amount you can borrow — and your rates — depend on your business and personal scores. If you meet Excel Capital Management’s minimum requirements, you should expect a higher APR. If your business has been established for more than one year and exceeds the monthly revenue requirement, you may be eligible for a low APR closer to its starting rate.

    What do I need to qualify?

    To qualify for a loan from Excel Capital Management, your business should meet these three requirements:

    • Operate in the US
    • In business for at least one year
    • Monthly revenue of $15,000+

    You may need to meet additional criteria — such as a longer time in business, higher revenue or higher personal credit score — to qualify for larger loans with longer terms.

    What information do I need to apply?

    You’ll need this information handy when you fill out your application:

    • Gross monthly sales
    • Estimated personal credit score
    • Business Tax ID number
    • Social Security number
    • Date of birth
    • Last four months of business bank statements
    • Last four months of merchant statements, if your business accepts credit cards

    What industries does Excel Capital Management work with?

    There are no set restrictions on the industries Excel Capital Management will not work with. If your business is in a high-risk industries, reach out to an Excel Capital Management represenative to see if you are eligible for a loan.

    What other types of financing does Excel Capital Management offer?

    Excel Capital Management offers a wide variety of loan options to businesses. But you won’t be able to apply for any product directly. Instead, you’ll fill out one application and see what type of loans your business qualifies for.

    • Term loans
    • Lines of credit
    • Merchant cash advances
    • Invoice factoring
    • Equipment financing
    • SBA loans

    Excel Capital Management works with SBA lenders

    While it doesn’t offer SBA loans itself, Excel Capital Management works with some SBA lenders and can connect you to one after you fill out its application. But keep in mind that the funding process can take months — which makes them bad choices for businesses in need of quick access to capital.

    If you want to apply, read our guide to SBA loans to choose an option that works best for your business.


    • Works as a direct lender and connection service
    • Offers loans in all 50 states
    • Funding may be available within one to two business days


    • Complex application process
    • Must apply to view potential loan options
    • Not transparent about rates or fees

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