Quick financing from a lender that understands your business’s needs — but lacks transparency on offer details.

Tired of one-size-fits-all business loans? You might want to look at Dealstruck, an online lender offering financing designed to meet the specific needs of your industry.
But personalization comes with a potentially steep price — these loans backed by your personal and business assets come with weekly repayments that could push weaker cash flow into default.Read on to get the lowdown on the benefits and drawbacks of a business loan through Dealstruck.


Min. Amount


Max. Amount


Product Name Dealstruck Business Financing
Min. Amount $25,000
Max. Amount $500,000
Loan Term Up to 4 years
Min. Credit Score 600
APR Starting at 9.99%
Requirements Must have a minimum credit score of 600, minimum 1 year in business and make $150,000+ in annual revenue.

Application Criteria

  • In business 1+ years
  • Credit score of 600+
  • Annual revenue of $150,000+

Do I qualify for Deal

To be considered for a business loan, Dealstruck requires:

  • A personal credit score of 600 or higher.
  • At least one year in business.
  • At least $150,000 in annual revenue.

How does getting a business loan through Dealstruck work?

Dealstruck is an online lender that offers fixed-rate term loans to businesses in virtually any industry. Use your financing to buy equipment, fix up your workspace, consolidate other loans and take care of other one-time expenses.

It also offers two types of specialized financing:

Type of financing Who it helps How it works
Inventory lines of credit
E-commerce businesses and franchises
Access revolving fund amounts to cover the cost of inventory when patchy sales just don’t cut it.
Accounts receivable lines of credit
Tech companies, home healthcare services, franchises and commercial cleaning businesses
Borrow up to 85% of the value of outstanding invoices to keep your cash flow going.

Businesses in other industries can apply for inventory lines of credit and accounts receivable financing, as long as it’s a good match for their funding needs.

What are the benefits of Dealstruck business financing?

  • Personalized loans. This lender provides loans that account for needs and quirks of your business and industry.
  • Get cash in days. Dealstruck’s turnaround is quick — even for an online lender — with funds disbursed in as little as three days.
  • Easy to use. Using a straightforward, simple process, Dealstruck makes a point of speaking in terms that most people can understand.

What to watch out for

Dealstruck doesn’t have the most transparent website. It’s hard to tell from its site the types of fees its loans come with, and customer service wouldn’t tell us which states it operates in. You’ll have to apply first to get that information.

Here are other potential drawbacks to keep an eye out for:

  • Prepayment penalty. You might not save on interest by repaying your loan early, what with its 1% prepayment penalty.
  • High origination fee. Dealstruck charges most borrowers an origination fee of 5.99% — on the high end of the spectrum.
  • Weekly or biweekly repayments. With multiple repayments monthly, your business’s bank account has less room to fluctuate than with a typical loan. Avoid this type of repayment if you’re planning a big purchase or experience dips in your account at specific times of the month.

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