Finance equipment for your business — but be prepared for a complex application.

  • Best for businesses that need financing for a specific piece of equipment.
  • Pick something else if your business needs flexibile access to funds.


    Min. Amount


    Max. Amount


    Product Name CurrencyFinance business loans
    Min. Amount $5,000
    Max. Amount $500,000
    Loan Term 1 to 25 years
    Min. Credit Score 585
    APR 6% to 24%
    Requirements 650+ personal credit score, generate revenue for 6+ months, $75,000+ annual revenue, net loss no greater than 10% over the past 12 months

    How much will this loan cost me?

    Currency offers loans up to $500,000 for terms between two and six years. But while it does have 0% financing programs available to some borrowers, your APR will likely range from 7% to 20% — although we weren’t able to get exact rates when we called. If you use Currency through a dealership, your APR may be higher or lower.

    To determine how much your business can afford, use our calculator to estimate your monthly repayment.

    Business loan calculator

    See how much you’ll pay

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    Loan amount
    Loan terms (in years)
    Interest rate

    Fill out the form and click on “Calculate” to see your estimated monthly payment.


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    How it works

    The underwriting process depends on your business’s finances and the type of equipment needed. If you meet its minimum requirements, you may be approved — but your rates will likely be above 20%. Established businesses with strong revenue and an owner with excellent personal credit could be able to borrow more at a lower rate.

    But Currency isn’t necessarily a direct lender, which makes the financing process more difficult. Because you can work through a seller or dealership and finance through Currency, you may need to meet entirely different requirements — and end up with different rates and loan amounts. To clear up any confusion, we recommend reaching out to a Currency representative before getting started.

    What do I need to qualify?

    Currency requires you to meet a few basic criteria:

    • At least a 650 personal credit score
    • In business for at least six months
    • Annual revenue of at least $75,000

    In addition to these requirements, your business must not have a net loss greater than 10% within the past 12 months.

    What information do I need to apply?

    Although Currency doesn’t list the specific information your business will need to apply, this information is commonly required by lenders:

    • Business plan outline purpose for funding
    • Proof of revenue
    • Proof of business checking account

    What industries does Currency work with?

    Currency doesn’t state which industries it works with. If your businesses is involved in a nontraditional or high-risk industry, such as cannabis or adult entertainment, reach out to a Currency representative to make sure it qualifies for funding.


    • Can purchase directly from seller
    • Financing and equipment leases available
    • Newer startups may be eligible


    • Loans limited to $500,000
    • No online application
    • May require lien on business assets

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