Low-cost merchant cash advances for online corporations and LLCs.

  • Best for businesses in the startup phase that don’t want VC funding.
  • Pick something else if you don’t have an eligible type of company.


    Min. Amount


    Max. Amount


    Product Name Clearbanc merchant cash advance
    Min. Amount $10,000
    Max. Amount $10,000,000
    Requirements Eligible online business, average of $10,000 monthly revenue, 6 months of revenue, LLC or corporation.

    How much will this advance cost me?

    Clearbanc advances come with a flat fee of 6% to 12.5% instead of interest. Your business repays the loan plus a fee with a percentage of your daily sales, which ranges from 1% to 20%. Unlike a business loan, there’s no fixed repayment date — how long it takes to pay off depends on your sales.

    How it works

    Say your business takes out a $10,000 advance with a 10% fee. That 10% fee brings your total loan cost to $1,000. After you receive the funds, Clearbanc takes a percentage of each future sale until you’ve repaid the full $11,000.

    If this takes six months, that would be equivalent to an APR of around 37%. If it takes a year, that would be equivalent to an APR of around 20%.

    What do I need to qualify?

    You and your business must meet minimum requirements to qualify for an advance from Clearbanc business loan:

    • Average monthly revenue of at least $10,000
    • At least six months of consistent revenue
    • LLC or corporation
    • Eligible industry

    What information do I need to apply?

    You need to provide the following information and documents when you apply for a Clearbanc advance — at a minimum:

    • Bank account and routing number
    • Basic information about business, like your EIN
    • Basic information about all officers and directors
    • Articles of incorporation
    • State-issued ID

    What industries does Clearbanc work with?

    Clearbanc only works with the following types of companies:

    • E-commerce
    • SaaS (software as a service)
    • Online retailers
    • Subscriptions companies
    • Mobile apps with in-app purchases
    • Marketplace (beta)

    Pros and cons

    Clearabanc can offer a good way to avoid VC funding when you can’t qualify for a bank loan. But it’s still more expensive than other types of financing.


    • Funds up to $10 million
    • Low advance fee of 6% to 12.5%
    • No credit check
    • Only requires six months in business


    • Only incorporated online businesses can qualify
    • Hard to reach customer service
    • Daily repayments

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