Term loans, credit lines and more for established businesses with APRs from 5.9% to 18.65%

  • Best for established businesses that have a banking relationship with Capital One.
  • Pick something else if you need startup funding.


    Min. Amount


Product Name Capital One business loans
Min. Amount $10,000
Loan Term 1 to 5 years
APR 5.9% to 18.65%
Requirements Be for-profit for 2+ years, have a business checking account, no current tax liens on your business

How much will this loan cost me?

Capital One term loans generally come with rates that range from 5.9% to 18.65%, which includes a $150 origination fee. However, we weren’t able to verify this when we reached out to Capital One in June 2020 — you’ll need to get started on the application to find out what rates are available to you.

Loans start at $10,000 and can usually run as to $50,000, but it varies depending on the business. And your business can take from one to five years to repay the loan. Use the calculator below to see how much this loan might cost you.

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How it works

Typically, your business needs to be around for several years and you need to have a strong personal credit score of around 760 or higher to qualify for the lowest rates. If your business already has an account with Capital One in good standing, that can also help you qualify for more favorable rates, terms and loan amounts you qualify for. But if you just meet the requirements, you’ll likely receive higher rates.

What do I need to qualify?

To meet Capital One’s most basic credit requirements, you must:

  • Be in business for at least two years
  • Have a business checking account or open a Capital One business checking account
  • Live in a state where Capital One has a location

Eligible states

Your business must be located in one of the following states to be eligible for a Capital One business loan:

  • Connecticut
  • Washington, DC
  • Delaware
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Virginia

What information do I need to apply?

Capital One doesn’t specify which documents you need. But often, banks ask to see the following documents from business loan applicants:

  • Personal and business bank statements
  • Tax returns
  • Business plan
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Financial projections
  • State-issued ID

You can ask about what documents your business needs to provide when you gets started on the application.

What industries does Capital One work with?

Capital One doesn’t list any specific industries that are ineligible for a business loan. But banks tend to be selective and may not work with you if it considers your industry to be high risk. You may struggle to qualify if your business is in an industry like legal services, transportation, wholesaling or has otherwise struggled to get a bank loan in the past.

What other types of business financing does Capital One offer?

Capital One offers several different types of business financing in addition to term loans that cover most basic business needs.

Working capital lines of credit

Capital One’s offers credit lines so your business can access cash as it needs. Credit limits start at $10,000 with rates that had ranged from 9.65% to 18.65%, which includes an origination fee of 1.5% of the credit limit or $150 origination fee, and a 0.25% annual fee. However, we weren’t able to verify this as of June 2020.

Equipment and vehicle loans

Capital One offers one loan to cover two different needs: Buying equipment or a vehicle for your business. Business owners can get up to 100% of your equipment or vehicle’s cost, starting at $10,000. Rates had ranged from 5.9% to 16.9% APR, which include a $150 origination fee. But we were unable to verify this in June 2020.

SBA loans

Capital One also offers government-backed SBA 7(a) loans to cover general business expenses and CDC/504 loans for equipment and real estate costs. Unlike Capital One’s term loan program, you can find funding for businesses in the startup phase through these programs — though it can take several months to get your loan.

Real estate term loans

Capital One can finance up to 85% of a property’s value — up to $5 million, with terms as long as 20 years and amortization as long as 30. You can use these loans to improve, buy or refinance property.

Pros and cons

Capital One might be great for an established business, but it might not be the right choice for everyone.


  • Low rates from 5.9% to 18.65%
  • Low, fixed origination fee of $150
  • No prepayment penalties


  • No online application
  • Only available in states where Capital One has a branch
  • Limited information available before you apply

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