This former SBA loan provider no longer offers loans — but you can find a lender through its partner SmartBiz.

Business Lenders used to be an online lender that underwrote and funded Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. And you might think it still is, based on its out-of-date website.
But currently it only handles SBA loan repayments — though you can still find SBA funding through its partner SmartBiz.


Min. Amount


Max. Amount


Product Name Business Lenders SBA loans
Min. Amount $30,000
Max. Amount $350,000
Min. Credit Score 680
APR 8.96% to 10.26%
Requirements 680+ credit score, 2+ years in business, profitable, 10% down payment

First, do I qualify?

You and your business must meet the following criteria to qualify for a loan serviced by Business Lenders:

  • 680 personal credit score or higher
  • At least two years in business
  • Profitable
  • Able to make a 10% down payment

You also need to meet other SBA loan requirements to get a loan, such as meeting the administration’s small business size requirements. You don’t need to fully back your loan with collateral. But the more business or personal collateral you can bring to the table, the easier it will be to qualify.

What makes Business Lenders business loans unique?

Business Lenders used to be part of the SBA’s Preferred Lender Program (PLP), which meant it had the authority to underwrite and close on government-backed business loans. This streamlined the application and cut down on your turnaround time. Now it’s an SBA loan servicer, meaning it only handles repayments on SBA loans.

However, you can still find a loan through its partner SmartBiz — a marketplace that connects businesses with SBA Preferred Lenders. Business Lenders links to the SmartBiz application on its website. After you get funded, Business Lenders might handle your repayments, depending on who you borrow from.


  • Get connected with an SBA Preferred Lender
  • Streamlined application through SmartBiz
  • Over 25 years of SBA experience


  • Misleading, out-of-date website implies it still funds loans
  • No longer an SBA lender
  • Might be funded by another bank

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