Must read: In June 2018, Bolstr’s lending platform was acquired by KeyBank in the hopes of helping small businesses get SBA and traditional financing more efficiently. Though KeyBank didn’t buy the company itself, Bolstr no longer operates as a peer-to-peer lender like it used to.

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Min. Amount


Max. Amount


Product Name Bolstr Peer-to-Peer Business Loans
Min. Amount $25,000
Max. Amount $500,000
Loan Term 2 to 5 years
APR 8% to 25%
Requirements US citizen or permanent resident

What’s Bolstr?

Bolstr is a peer-to-peer business lender. A lot of reviewers refer to Bolstr as a crowdfunding site, but that’s not quite accurate. As a peer-to-peer lender, only investors can provide funding. You have to pay it back with interest — unlike with crowdfunding where you get to keep it all, save for an occasional platform fee.

On Bolstr’s website, you’ll set up a profile and a campaign goal and investors commit to funding a part of your loan. Your campaign is live for 30 days. If you don’t reach your goal in that time, it’s considered unsuccessful and you receive none of the funds. Many campaigns reach their goals in .

How repayment works

Bolstr provides fixed-term business loans that are funded by and paid back directly to multiple investors. It refers to these as “revenue share loans.” You’ll repay your loan plus interest with a percentage of your monthly sales. This can make your loan appear more affordable, but could cost you extra in the long run by lengthening your term.

What are the benefits of Bolstr business loans?

  • Fast turnaround. You can get funding within a week — slower than many online lenders but still much faster than banks or credit unions. Online reviewers were pleased with how quickly they were able to receive their funds.
  • Easy to use. Bolstr’s website is clean, intuitive and makes it easy to keep track of your funds.
  • Repay with small percentage of monthly sales. Unlike a merchant cash advance, you don’t have to make repayments each time you make a sale.

What to watch out for

  • Pay it back based on monthly sales. The monthly percentage repayment has its downside: It could hurt your business if you have a poor month.
  • Hard to get in touch. It’s difficult to find essential information like eligibility requirements online and we had trouble reaching its customer service line after several attempts.
  • Minimum monthly repayments. You’ll have to find this information in the investor section on their website.

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