Get connected with wide range of loan amounts and multiple loan types from reputable lenders. is a business loan marketplace that can help virtually any business owner get connected with a wide range of different types of financing. It works with over 75 lenders across the country offering everything from SBA loans to invoice factoring.
It could be particularly great for businesses that need quick cash, startups and owners who’ve had a hard time finding a lender willing to work with them. We take you through how works to help you decide if this connection service is for you.


Min. Amount


Max. Amount


Product Name Business Loan Marketplace
Min. Amount $5,000
Max. Amount $10,000,000
Loan Term Varies by lender
Min. Credit Score 700
APR Varies by lender
Requirements Must have good credit and at least 6 months in business.

Application Criteria

  • Good to excellent credit score
  • In business for 6+ months

First, do I qualify?

The only real requirement to qualify for a loan from one of’s partners is a personal credit score of 470 or above. However, you probably won’t be able to qualify for large amounts or reasonable rates unless you have a score of at least 550. To be eligible for a term loan, your business must be at least six months old and you must have good or excellent credit.

What is is the business branch of FinMkt, an online loans marketplace. It can connect borrowers with lenders in a matter of seconds, using an algorithm to compare your business against its partners’ eligibility requirements. After you choose a lender, walks you through the rest of the application process until you sign your loan documents.

Its partners offer secured and unsecured term loans ranging from $5,000 to $10,000,000 with rates typically around 15%–150% Varies by lender for newer businesses or owners with poor credit. Terms vary by lender, as do fees, but you won’t need to pay a fee for using’s services.

Other types of financing offered on

In addition to term loans, other types of financing offered by’s partner lenders range from $5,000 to $10 million. A few examples of the kinds of loans you can get from partners of include:

  • Equipment financing. These term loans and leases are secured by equipment you purchase and can come with more competitive rates than an unsecured term loan — as low as 2.6% APR — because they’re backed by the value of your equipment.
  • Real estate loans. can connect you with lenders offering commercial mortgages and other real estate loans. Since mortgages can be more complicated than other types of business loans, this can take a couple of weeks.
  • Unsecured working capital. Working capital is a catch-all term for business loans designed to help cover day-to-day expenses. In this case, it’s a short-term loan from $5,000 to $200,000 that comes with daily repayments and doesn’t require any collateral.
  • Lines of credit. This type of financing gives your business ongoing access to funds at a moment’s notice to cover ongoing expenses. Instead of getting a one-time lump sum, your business qualifies for a credit limit ranging from $2,000 to $100,000. How repayment works varies by lender.
  • SBA loans. Government-backed term loans, lines of credit and more. These loans come with a long list of alternative eligibility requirements designed to help businesses who’ve had a hard time getting funds in the past. They’re also one of the most difficult types of business financing to qualify for.
  • Short-term business loans. Short-term business loans typically come in smaller amounts with higher rates and less time to pay them back. They typically have less strict credit requirements than other types of financing and might be one of your only options if you don’t meet most other lenders’ requirements.
  • Invoice financing. Businesses that rely on accounts receivables from government agencies and other businesses can use this option to get access to financing up to the value of their invoices from $2,000 to $100,000 while they wait for customers to pay them.

What makes unique? isn’t just a one-off service that connects you with potential lenders and then steps away. Instead, it’s one of a handful of online business loan marketplaces that has the support to walk your business through the entire application process, which can be tricky. There’s no confusion about which customer service line to call, who is in charge of your loan or any other mix-ups that can happen when you try to find a loan through a marketplace.

What are the benefits of using to find financing?

  • Wide range of loans types. With 78 lenders in its network, you’re likely to be connected with exactly the type of financing you were looking for.
  • Startup-friendly. may be able to connect your business with financing even if it’s just off the ground or had trouble qualifying for a loan in the past.
  • Wide range of loan amounts. Your business can apply for funds as low as as $5,000 and as high as $10 million when you apply for anything beyond a term loan.

What to watch out for

  • Can be expensive. If you’re a startup, don’t have steady cash flow or have poor credit, you might not be able to qualify for the most competitive rates with a partner lender.
  • Not always risk-free to apply. While the majority of’s partners let borrowers prequalify based on a soft credit pull that has no effect on your credit rating, some lenders don’t. However, makes an effort to get you prequalified with lenders that use a soft inquiry and asks your permission before taking any steps that affect your credit score.
  • Not the fastest turnaround. Depending on the lender and type of financing, it can take as little as 48 hours to get your funds after you sign your loan documents — faster than a bank loan, but not as helpful as some other lenders and connection services in emergency situations. Meanwhile, term loans take as little as two weeks, but an average of 30 days to be disbursed.

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