Must read: BizFi no longer offers the types of business loans on this page. Instead, its shifted gears to focus solely on bridge financing solutions for its partner mortgage lenders and brokers.

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Min. Amount


Max. Amount


Product Name Bizfi Business Loans
Min. Amount $3,000
Max. Amount $2,000,000
Loan Term 3 months to 10 years
APR Varies by lender
Requirements Be in business for two years or longer, have employees, make at least $100,000 a year.

Application Criteria

  • Be in business for two years or longer
  • Have employees
  • Make at least $100,000 a year

First, do I qualify?

Eligibility requirements vary widely from loan to loan. To qualify for a Bizfi medium-term loan, you must:

  • Be in business for two years or longer
  • Have employees
  • Make at least $100,000 a year

Many of Bizfi’s other loans are available to younger businesses with a lower annual revenue, such as the short-term loan, line of credit and invoice financing.

How does borrowing through Bizfi work?

Bizfi offers several different business financing options with a wide range of terms and purposes. Through Bizfi, your business can apply for working capital to cover your overhead costs or term loans to pay for one-time expenses — including equipment. It also offers special financing options for franchises and healthcare providers.

Bizfi is an online lender that can connect you with partner lenders if it can’t give your business the financing it needs. Applying is simple: All you need to do is fill out a quick form on its site to check your potential offers. It’ll immediately give you an estimate of how much your business can borrow and which lenders are willing to work with you.

What makes Bizfi unique?

Bizfi can be a one-stop shop for any small or midsize business. Don’t have great credit? There’s more than one option for you. Only been open for six months? That’s OK too. It also offers a wide range of loan amounts and terms that can suit most business needs. Its loans typically come with minimal requirements, though you’ll likely need good credit to qualify for the most competitive deals.

What are the benefits of getting a business loan through Bizfi?

  • Wide range of loan amounts. You can borrow as little as $3,000 or as much as $2,000,000 through Bizfi.
  • Financing for almost every business need. Not only does it offer standard term loans and lines of credit, Bizfi offers financing tailored to businesses like franchises and medical professionals.
  • No fees. Applying for a loan through Bizfi won’t cost you anything.
  • Bad credit options. Short-term loans, invoice financing and secured loans don’t require perfect credit.

What to watch out for

  • Not transparent about costs. With a site as comprehensive and easy-to-understand as Bizfi, the lack of any mention of fees or interest rates seems odd. Its customer service team also wasn’t forthcoming about Bizfi and its partners’ costs.
  • Daily or weekly repayments. Many of the loans you can get through Bizfi come with frequent repayments that can be difficult to afford if your business has a large expense or temporary slump in revenue.
  • You’re limited to its network. Bizfi can only connect your business with financing from its partners — meaning that you might not get the best loan out there.

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