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  • Best for Amex cardholders looking for a fast application process.
  • Pick something else if you want long-term funding or don’t have an Amex card.


    Min. Amount



    Product Name American Express Business Loan
    Min. Amount $3,500
    Max. Amount $75,000
    Loan Term 6 months to 3 years
    APR 6.98% to 19.97%
    Requirements Must be an American Express Basic Cardmember or an American Express Business Cardmember in good standing.

    Application Criteria

Does American Express offer business loans?

Yes, American Express offers unsecured fixed-rate loans for small businesses. You have two options:

  • Direct deposit business loan. Financing for one-time expenses to help grow your business. Use it to cover the cost of moving, opening another location, buying inventory in bulk — just about any large expense that can give your business an edge.
  • Credit card debt consolidation. Use this loan to consolidate debt from up to four US bank-issued commercial credit cards.

How much will this loan cost me?

American Express business loan rates run from 6.98% to 19.97% APR with a choice of terms from six months to three years. You can borrow between $3,500 and $75,000.

Use the calculator below to find out how much you might pay each month and in total, based on the rates, terms and loan amounts you’re interested in.

Business loan calculator

See how much you’ll pay

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Loan amount
Loan terms (in years)
Interest rate

Fill out the form and click on “Calculate” to see your estimated monthly payment.


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How it works

Only borrowers with near-perfect credit, high revenue and in excellent standing with American Express will qualify for the low 6.98% APR. But if your repayments just barely fit into your budget or your credit is lacking, you might expect a rate closer to 19.97%.

Your loan amount and term might also affect your rate.

What do I need to qualify?

To qualify for an American Express business loan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • American Express Basic or Business Cardmember in good standing
  • US citizen or legal resident
  • Age of majority in your state

To qualify for debt consolidation, you can have no more than four business credit cards issued by US banks with:

  • At least $1,000 in credit card debt per card
  • At least $3,500 in credit card debt overall

There are no hard credit requirements, but Amex bases its fees on your creditworthiness, your standing with Amex, your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and aspects of your financial history.

What information do I need to apply?

We called Amex to confirm specific documents it might require for loan approval. Turns out that because you’re an Amex business cardholder, Amex already has a lot of the info it needs about you and your finances.

If any additional documentation is required, Amex will let you know during the application process.

What industries does Amex work with?

American Express doesn’t work with all industries. Its customer service team would not specify which industries are excluded without an account number when we called to ask. Your best bet to find out if your industry is eligible is to prequalify or call in to customer service with your account number.

What else does American Express offer businesses?

Amex offers services to business owners that go beyond small business loans, including:

  • Merchant financing. Short-term commercial loans up to $2 million with daily repayments based on credit card sales.
  • Complimentary signs and supplies. Get American Express decals, register signs, business card holders and more for free.
  • Payment processing solutions. Online tools to simplify managing your credit card payments.
  • Fraud prevention. Multiple online and offline tools for verifying customer IDs.

Pros and cons

Here’s a snapshot of what you might like and not like about the American Express business loan.

  • Simple application
  • Transparent about costs
  • Hard credit check after approval, not before
  • Only for Amex business cardholders
  • Short loan terms only up to 3 years — other lenders offer longer terms
  • Only borrow up to $75,000

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