Unsecured capital loans up to $15,000 for business owners in the Southwest.

America First Credit Union offers straight-forward financing for small businesses in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho. Its term loans go as long as 5 years and don’t require collateral. For a credit union, funding is fairly quick, with turnaround as quickly as one to two days. Though it might not be ideal for emergency situations: You need to visit a branch in person at least once to sign the loan documents.



Max. Amount



Product Name America First Credit Union unsecured capital term loan
Max. Amount $15,000
Loan Term Up to 5 years
APR Up to 18%
Requirements Business member, proof of current or future income

Application Criteria

  • Business located in an area of Nevada, Utah, Arizona or Idaho near an America First branch.
  • Live, work, volunteer, go to school or worship in an eligible area.
  • Work for America First Credit Union or one of its subsidiaries.
  • Work in the food industry in Utah.
  • Immediate family member of a current member.
  • Share a household with a current member.
  • Member of the Utah PTA.
  • Spouse of a deceased person who was eligible for membership.

First, do I qualify?

America First Credit Union has flexible eligibility requirements. Aside from being a member, your business just needs to show verification of income or an income plan projection if it’s just getting started. There are no hard cutoffs for annual revenue, your credit score or time in business.

What is America First Credit Union?

America First Credit Union is a Salt Lake City-based credit union that offers unsecured term loans of up to $15,000 to small businesses. You have up to five years to pay back your loan, and APRs are capped at Up to 18%. There are no origination or application fees. In fact, the only fees to worry about are $25 for late payment or returned checks.

If your business needs more funding, America First can connect you with an SBA loan — though keep in mind that this application typically takes much longer and can be more involved. You’ll also need to provide collateral.

What makes America First Credit Union business loans unique?

America First Credit Union business loans are relatively simple and have a fast turnaround. While you’ll need to become a member when you apply, it only takes between 24 and 48 hours to get a decision after you’ve started your application. There’s no minimum amount your business can borrow, and it’s also open to businesses less than two years old.

What are the benefits of an America First Credit Union business loan?

  • No minimum amount. You can borrow as little as you want to prevent taking on more debt needs.
  • Flexible requirements. There are no minimum requirements for revenue, time in business, r your personal credit score.
  • Competitive rates. The highest APR you’ll get on an America First Credit Union business loan is Up to 18%.

What to watch out for

  • Unsecured loans only up to $15,000. If your business needs more, you’ll need to apply for SBA-backed financing, which typically requires collateral.
  • Limited state availability. Your business must be located in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, r Utah to qualify.
  • A branch visit required. While you can apply for a loan online, you have to visit a branch to sign the loan documents.

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