This niche lender offers flexible financing starting at $50,000, backed by your insurance book.

Sometimes regular business term loans just don’t cut it when you’re looking for funds to expand your insurance agency. That’s where industry-specific financing can help.

AgileCapital or AgileCap, offers working capital loans tailored to fit your insurance agency’s economic model and lets you use your projected commissions as collateral.


Min. Amount



Product Name AgileCap Business Loans for Insurance Agencies
Min. Amount $50,000
Max. Amount $2,000,000
Loan Term 3 to 5 years
APR Varies
Requirements In the insurance industry, 2+ years in business, 550+ personal credit score, organized as an LLC or corporation

First, do I qualify?

To qualify for a working capital loan from AgileCap, you must:

  • Be in the insurance industry
  • Have at least two years in business, with some exceptions
  • Have a personal credit score of at least 550
  • Be organized as an LLC or corporation, or willing to convert

What is AgileCap?

AgileCap is one of a few lenders out there that offers financing specifically for insurance agencies. It offers working capital loans backed by your business’s future commissions, commonly known as insurance book of business financing.

These working capital loans fall somewhere between a term loan and a line of credit. How does it work? First your insurance agency takes out a term loan between $50,000 and $2 million. After you’ve paid off part of the loan, your agency can apply for more financing — either up to the original loan amount or more if it’s eligible.

Each loan comes with a term of three to seven years. If you want a longer loan term, AgileCap may still be able to work with you — but it’s on a case-by-case basis.

AgileCap working capital loans come with an interest rate based on your creditworthiness, the loan term and amount. It also has an origination fee of 3% to 7% that comes directly out of your loan. There are no prepayment penalties or other fees.

What makes AgileCap business loans unique?

AgileCap is one of the few non-SBA lenders that offers loans specifically for insurance companies. Its working capital loans are also more flexible than a traditional term loan, allowing you to access funds you can qualify for as needed. These loans are also secured, making your business less of a risk and potentially helping it qualify for a more competitive rate.

There’s some flexibility in the application process as well. You might be able to get startup funding from this lender if you have years of experience in this business, for example. Generally, the more experience you have under your belt and the higher your monthly commissions, the better chance AgileCap will bend its lending rules.

What are the benefits of an AgileCap business loan?

  • Made for insurance agencies. Traditional business loans sometimes just don’t mesh with an insurance agency’s commission-based business model. AgileCap’s working capital loans do.
  • Large amounts available. Loans can get as high as $2 million — though you’ll likely need to be in business more than the minimum two years to qualify.
  • Flexible financing. You don’t have to pay off your full term loan before applying for more funds — as long as your business shows it can afford to take on more debt.

What to watch out for an AgileCap business loan?

  • Doesn’t operate in all states. You won’t be able to qualify for AgileCap’s loans if your business is located in South Dakota, Vermont or Washington, DC.
  • High origination fee. While it’s common for business loans to come with an origination fee, AgileCap’s run a couple percentage points higher than the usual 2% to 5%.
  • Not forthcoming about rates. AgileCap doesn’t reveal the range of APRs it offers until it has more information about your business, making it difficult to make a quick comparison.

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